Buying House (BH) is a standout amongst the most recognized business fields in Bangladesh RMG part. It is surely knowing that Bangladesh accomplished second most noteworthy RMG exporters’ situation on the planet, in light of the fact that the division creates excellent item with an aggressive cost than other contender nations. Bangladesh has made a major place on the planet’s clothing market, where pieces of clothing purchasing houses assume an imperative part for this noteworthy commitment. Considering least 5 percent purchasing administrations commission, one might say that no less than 1.4 billion dollars have commonly been shared by pieces of clothing producers and purchasing houses in last FY 15-16.


There is so many upcoming Buying Houses as Attire Source Bangladesh and also there are new business opportunities in Bangladesh that’s why foreign European/China/Taiwan/USA   investment is increasing in Bangladesh.


Buying House (BH):

A purchasing house is fundamentally an exchanging accomplice between the purchaser/retailer and maker. Two sorts of BH we find in the business field, it can be a purchasing office or contact office and exchanging/purchasing office. The two terms contain distinctive implications.

Purchasing office or contact office is a free purchaser’s territorial office, from where all sort of vital endorsements has given. It can’t demonstrate any salary without use as per neighbourhood law. I.e. Decathlon (France), TEMA (Turkey) and H&M (Sweden)


Then again, purchasing office is that, which works at once with various purchasers and brands. For this situation, all the required endorsements are originating from the purchaser. They are just approved from arrange execution not for real basic leadership. I.e. Target Australia, T&M Sourcing Ltd, Apex Sourcing and ARP.


A couple of the workplace attempts as a contact officer and a purchasing house that implies these kinds of office endeavours at once a free purchaser’s office with greatest endorsement specialist without manufacture and Lab profound determination. And furthermore, exhibitions for various purchasers and brands without endorsement specialists.


Numerous articles of clothing makers utilize their different advertising office as a purchasing house and they are computing 5 to 10% commission for that administration.


History of Bangladesh BH:


The fare arranged RMG part in Bangladesh began its humble excursion as a little non-customary area of fare in late the 1970s. After the freedom, particularly from the 90s the RMG business began to surge at a considerable pace as the nation was increasing political and social soundness. Inside three decades, RMG has changed itself as the nation’s most elevated income producing part, contributing 82% (USD 28.094 billion FY 15-16) of nation’s aggregate fare. 70’s or 80’s there have no BH in Bangladesh. The mid 90’s some business person brings the purchasing house idea to satisfy the mechanical request.


Presently as indicated by reports from BKMEA and BGMEA there are in excess of 1000 enrolled purchasing houses, 1500 fare situated material businesses and more than 6000 (4000 under BGMEA and 2000 under BKMEA starting at 2015-16 FY) RMG enterprises working in the nation. It is to be said that genuine number would be bit less as there are organizations who are individuals from the both BGMEA and BKMEA. Through most recent 2 decades’ this number was becoming quick. Industry insiders stated, purchasing house is a center for dealers including driving producers, exporters and providers, showing their most recent and trendiest gathering of clothes to a colossal crowd round the year.

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