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Bangladesh material and RMG part has an objective of taking RMG fare to 50 billion USD by 2021 set by Bangladesh Garments Manufacturing and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and the administration in 2014, which appeared to be practical when the objective was set. Nonetheless, at this stage, it appears to be very incomprehensible where in 2016-17 financial year attire trade was 28.15 billion USD with just 0.2 percent development from earlier year.

So the Bangladeshi material pioneers and proprietors are consistently talking about, considering and endeavouring to discover the conceivable way out finished the issue. With this progression, Bangladesh Textile Today sorted out nation’s first since forever “Material Youth Leadership Summit-2018” where material pioneers, youthful specialists and up-coming architects assembled under a similar rooftop.

The summit decorated with four fragments incorporating opening session and, in this article, the “Change” session is delineated.


Attire Source is a Buying house in Bangladesh and also there are new business opportunities in Bangladesh in garments field that’s why foreign direct investment in Garments sector  is increasing in Bangladesh.


ATM Mahbubul Alam Milton, Executive Director (ED) of Masco Group was the keynote speaker of the session. The article has been composed in light of his introduction and the discourses of other board individuals.


Prof. Dr. AyubNabi Khan, Pro-VC of BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology was the arbitrator and the specialists were Prof. Sayed Fakhrul Hassan Murad,

Chairman, Dept. of Textile Engineering, Southeast University; Mohim Hassan, CEO and Managing Director of Northern Tosrifa Group; M R Jamil Tipu, Executive Director of Akij Group; Mohammed Shohel Ahmed,


Attire Source as a buying house has very good network in Bangladesh for Garments all categories


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