There are so much emerging business opportunities in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a creating nation. Her financial improvement depends right off the bat on agribusiness and furthermore on industry. In spite of the fact that Bangladesh isn’t produced in industry, it has been improved in Garment businesses in the current past years. In the field of Industrialization piece of garment industry is a promising advance. It has given the chance of work to a great many jobless, particularly multitudinous uneducated ladies of the nation. It is making critical commitment in the field of our fare pay.

History of Bangladesh garment industry

In particular, the development of RMG division delivered a gathering of business visionaries who have made a solid private segment. Of these business visionaries, a sizeable number is female. A lady business visionary built up one of the most established fare arranged article of clothing manufacturing plants, the Baishakhi Garment in 1977. Numerous ladies hold top official positions in RMG industry. The hundred percent send out arranged RMG industry experienced incredible development amid the last 15 or so years. In 1978, there were just 9 trade arranged piece of clothing fabricating units, which produced send out income of scarcely one million dollar. A portion of these units were little and created articles of clothing for both local and fare markets. Four such little and old units were Reaz Garments, Paris Garments, Jewel Garments and Baishakhi Garments.

Reaz Garments, the pioneer, was set up in 1960 as a little fitting outfit, named Reaz Store in DHAKA. It served just residential markets for around 15 years. In 1973 it changed its name to M/s Reaz Garments Ltd. furthermore, extended its tasks into send out market by offering 10,000 bits of men’s shirts worth French Franc 13 million to a Paris-based firm in 1978. It was the main direct exporter of articles of clothing from Bangladesh. Desh Garments Ltd, the primary non-value joint-wander in the article of clothing industry was set up in 1979. Desh had specialized and showcasing cooperation with Daewoo Corporation of South Korea. It was additionally the initial hundred percent send out arranged organization. It had around 120 administrators incorporating 3 ladies prepared in South Korea, and with these prepared specialists it began its generation in mid 1980. Another South Korean Firm, Young ones Corporation shaped the principal value joint-wander article of clothing industrial facility with a Bangladeshi firm, Trexim Ltd. in 1980. Bangladeshi accomplices contributed 51% of the value of the new firm, named Young ones Bangladesh. It traded its first committal of cushioned and non-cushioned coats to Sweden in December 1980.

Till the finish of 1982, there were just 47 article of clothing fabricating units. The leap forward happened in 1984-85, when the quantity of article of clothing processing plants expanded to 587. The quantity of RMG production lines shot up to around 2,900 out of 1999. Bangladesh is presently one of the 12 biggest clothing exporters of the world, the 6th biggest provider in the US advertise and the fifth biggest provider of T-shirts in the EU showcase. The business has developed amid the 1990s generally at the rate of 22%.

At show there are around 5000 article of clothing businesses in the nation and 75 percent of them are in Dhaka. The rest are in Chittagong and Khulna. These Industries have utilized fifty absences of individuals and 85 percent of them are unskilled rustic ladies. Around 76 percent of our fare procuring originates from this division.
This business is now most profitable business in Bangladesh so if you are looking to start a new business in Bangladesh go for garment business. It has low investment and high profit.

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