In the time of globalization, Bangladesh piece of clothing’s industry is perceived as a brand to the around the world. Numerous enormous organizations from created nations are putting resources into article of Bangladesh clothing’s industry. Adequate labour, alluring work advertise, and geological area are the fundamental reason of venture. In 1978, there were just 9 production lines in Bangladesh and began their adventure by winning Foreign money of $.069 million. In the monetary year 2012-2013, Bangladesh earned more than $21 billion by sending out instant pieces of clothing. As per the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), in the financial year 2015-2016, the Bangladesh RMG industry earned $28094.16 million. Presently the present number of articles of clothing production line in Bangladesh is more than 6000. Not just that, Bangladesh possessed second position in sending out the instant pieces of clothing to the worldwide yet additionally opened a chance. Till now, “Made in Bangladesh” stickered instant articles of clothing is sending out to the in excess of 150 nations. In Bangladesh GDP, Garment’s industry contributes 15% to the general economy.


Literature Review


The underlying driver examination is a diagnostic apparatus which is characterized by Wilson et al. He additionally said that this apparatus is especially successful which can be utilized to play out a remedial and exhaustive framework based audit of basic imperfections. The reason impact chart really centres around recognizable proof of the root for the particular imperfections and contributory components. It additionally worry for deciding the imperfection decrease procedures and build up the activity plan with estimation system which assesses the viability of the plans. In 2005, Canadian main driver examination structure, outlined that the most imperative segment for understanding imperfections in assembling is this underlying driver examination. They attempted to comprehend the occasion by checking on and distinguishing unanswered inquiries and data hole. Consequently, main driver examination has turned into a great apparatus for finding the underlying driver for the event of imperfections in any assembling of generation particularly in pieces of clothing fabricating.


Kaizen Implementation


Kaizen is an essential logical examination, in which we break down the components of a procedure or framework to see how it functions. Lean generation is established on the possibility of kaizen. The little, continuous, incremental changes connected over an extensive stretch that ass up to a noteworthy effect on business result. There are a few focuses of Kaizen, for example, nature of items, nature of gear, nature of process, nature of human and nature of framework. Kaizen benefits an organization by dispensing with the shrouded costs that come about because of the 8 sorts of waste. Kaizen enhances the esteem included tasks in the generation process. A kaizen occasion enables real changes to be made specifically territories rapidly and with least loss of generation time. Kaizen occasion likewise furnishes the chance to work with your colleagues to enhance your workplace together. Kaizen likewise takes out squandered movements and postponements in work to protect Bangladesh garment industry list.


Restrictions and Recommendations


There are a few weaknesses of this kaizen execution process. Generation lines are constantly occupied. In this manner, it is constantly hard to do time concentrate to compute SMV. Moreover, Factory work force are exceptionally occupied in their doled out work. In some cases, they can’t reaction rapidly because of their bustling working plan. For the running generation line, there is likewise hazard to actualize kaizen in view of the dread of the creation stoppage. Subsequent to doing this investigation, I recently understood that legitimate preparing and mindfulness among specialists is the most ideal answer for diminish the deformity numbers. On the off chance that, plant proprietor can energize specialists by giving additional reward, sustenance, tip, leave, and considerate conduct. For getting legitimate preparing to the laborer, plant proprietor can take assistance from BKMEA.




The persistent change process began from a little zone to enhance the general profitability, productivity, and quality. Legitimate cooperation and coordinated effort with colleagues get through the benchmark in the production line shop floor. The outcomes previously executing Kaizen usage and after kaizen execution is extremely productive. Here by executing Kaizen process, production line expanded effectiveness of the creation line from 45% to 60%. It is extremely conservative to a processing plant. Sewing deserts are limited altogether. Additionally working condition of the industrial facility is enhanced too. For future purposes, a multi day change plan will be acquainted with show signs of improvement results. Processing plant proprietor could be presented inspiring plans, for example, motivators, prizes to support the labourers. Likewise, they can mastermind preparing program or can send administrators to an organization to create themselves as a gifted labour. Suitable preparing on sewing, machine support, lean assembling, Kaizen and 5s preparing ought to be embraced. In any case, it involves worry that the vast majority of the processing plants in Bangladesh are not receiving these methods. Not even, they don’t know how to actualize Kaizen nonstop change strategy, 5s. Bangladesh piece of clothing industry have minimal effort work, yet they couldn’t make the most astounding benefit. In this way, Bangladesh article of clothing fabricating organizations are gravely required these strategies.

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