Bangladesh Garment Industry List

There are so much garment industries in Bangladesh with low investment and high profit and there are also profitable business ideas in Bangladesh. There are also good companies there the most famous and good one is attire source.

From turning to weaving, from knitwear to leisurewear and high road designs, the materials and apparel industry is Bangladesh’s greatest fare worker with estimation of over $ 16 bn of fares in 2009-10. Our processing plants outline and create for the world’s driving brands and retailers. This quickly developing division of the Bangladeshi economy offers a one of a kind focused edge that backings beneficial venture into new key markets.


Area Highlights

Cost and nature of items that are delivered on time, dependably and intensely with an exceedingly talented work constrain.

A remarkable territorial area for venture into key Eastern and different markets.

Favoured exchanging status with the EU and the USA.

Bunches of organizations furnishing a neighbourhood provider base with genuine profundity in talented work, preparing and specialized improvement offices.

The wonderful development in the instant piece of clothing division in the most recent decade made numerous new industrial facilities and business openings. Having delighted in over 70% of aggregate interests in the assembling part amid the principal half of the 1990s, RMG and knitwear presently represent around 4,825 manufacturing plants and a workforce of 3.1 m – 80% of which are ladies. This division presently utilizes more than half of the mechanical workforce and records for 79% of the aggregate fare profit of the nation. The developing pattern in the material and the articles of clothing segment implies that Bangladesh is splendidly situated to interest remote financial specialists.


Speculation Opportunities and Government Support

Colossal speculation openings exist in this division. In the RMG business interest for texture essentially surpasses nearby supply as is at present being met by imports. In reverse linkage is a noteworthy exchanging opportunity and is upheld by a legislature supported motivator: 15% money sponsorship of the texture cost to exporters sourcing textures locally. Also the administration has made an exceedingly good approach structure for interest in these parts offering financial specialists the accompanying decisions:

Foundation of new material/RMG process in the private segment

Joint endeavours with the current material/RMG process

Obtaining of open segment material factories that are being privatized

Aberrant venture through money related administrations as well as renting.



The legislature is focused on encouraging a solid turning area inside the economy to help the vigorous material and piece of clothing industry that has created. The legislature is along these lines supporting spinners by giving lower taxes to hardware extras and crude materials, money motivators, decreased duty rate, and ease subsidizing and so on.