Top 10 Garments in Bangladesh


There are so many garments in Bangladesh so business of garments in Bangladesh has less investment and high profit and the demand of garments in Bangladesh is also high


Material and attire part assumes an indispensable part in the development of economy; age of over 65% of the nation’s modern business and 81% of the fare profit. The business utilizes around 5 million laborers of whom 80% are ladies. Until the freedom of Bangladesh, the material division was essentially an import-substitution industry. It started sending out instant pieces of clothing (RMG) including woven, sewed and sweater articles of clothing in 1978, which developed stupendously amid the following more than two decades from US$3.5 million of every 1981 to US$10.7 billion in FY 2007. Clothing sends out developed, yet at first, the RMG business was not enough upheld by the development here and there the residential production network (e.g. turning, weaving, sewing, texture handling, and the piece of clothing extras enterprises). Until FY 1994, Bangladesh’s RMG industry was for the most part subject to imported textures the essential material area (PTS) was not creating the fundamental textures and yarn.

It is fundamental to recognize and dissect the issues of essential divisions. Supporting fundamental material ventures, for example, turning, weaving/sewing, coloring and completing enterprises are known as in reverse linkage businesses. RMG division and printing and bundling part are known as forward linkage enterprises. From investigation of material parts; it was discovered that:

The greater part of the material plants are running with poor limit use.

We are constantly subject to the outside apparatus and additionally professionals.

We need to obtain engineers/specialists from different nations; however this can’t be a long tern answer for the financial and innovative development of our nation.

It is the notable to every one of us that Bangladesh absences of vital satisfactory innovative work offices.


Structure of the Textile Industry in Bangladesh:

There are two sorts of material industry in Bangladesh. They are as following:


* In reverse linkage businesses:

Supporting essential material enterprises, for example, turning, weaving/sewing, colouring and completing ventures are known as in reverse linkage businesses.


* Forward linkage ventures:

RMG division, printing, and bundling segment are known as forward linkage businesses. The vast majority of the material enterprises are in the private area.


As indicated by constructional building configuration, there are two kinds of material plant. They are as following:

* Flat arranged material plant:

This production line or factories are developed in ground floor based industry. For the most part substantial weight huge hardware are put at this sort of production line.


* Vertically arranged material factory:

This production line or factories are vertically developed as a multi-storeyed kind building. Regularly they are five to eight put away building. For the most part light weight hardware is put at top floor and overwhelming apparatus is set in ground to first floor. Process grouping or assembling steps are organized by item out put. RMG is a vertically arranged production line.


Real Textile Sector and Its Product:

There are likewise some composite plants in our in nation. At least two than two distinct factories are consolidated under one organization is called composite plant.


The blend of composite factories can be following:

Weaving and coloring wrapping up

Weaving and sew coloring

Coloring, printing and articles of clothing

Bangladesh trade arranged instant articles of clothing assembling and essential material (turning , weaving, sewing, dyeing)sector with go down help of the embellishment (trimming and bundling) enterprises, contribute 81 percent to add up to send out acquiring of the nation.