Supply Chain Management Companies

Supply change management for India/Europe/USA Garments & Apparel manufactures. We are ATTIRE SOURCE, Bangladesh working India/Europe/USA client’s and provide best Supply Chain Management in Bangladesh.

How does Attire Source Supply Chain work in Bangladesh with Customers?

We first practical version of sample attire in product development stage prepared as per the Tech Pack. These are usually in progress after the Attire/Customer design team has decided to develop samples based on new themes or newer running or popular designs of the opponents. These are developed by the Attire Supply Management team from its vendors whom Attire Source think is capable of making the particular designs. We have developed the best supply Chain to provide best service physical sample.

We also send the buyers to report with complete details & physical Samples. After that Attire Supply Chain Team Prepare the prototype after commensurate all the comments & complete technical discussion with Client Designer & Attire Designer. This is the first sample in sampling stage for bulk production. Proto sample is made to communicate the design of a style or a line or to present garment structure. In proto samples appropriate and material detailing is not been finalized but all depends on Customer requirements. Attire Source always solution-oriented supply management Team. We believe in customer ease process & better quality of products. We are best Supply chain Management which includes International Vendors.

Now, still, our team discuss with the buyer and take whatever change possible from buyer’s side and once the proto sample is accepted, FIT is being made with the actual measurement. Amendment on the pattern is done to get the desired fit of the garment. FIT is one of the most significant factors to be considered during sample development. FIT sample is tested on buyer Dummy or simulation methods.

Attire Supply chain is always focused on Wash of products because the wash is one of the most of the important component of the garment thus wash samples are developed by the vendor and sent for approvals. The wash of the garments should match the original in terms of its dry and wet process. Only after the wash is approved are the PP samples made. We always take after Wash shrinkage & always match with FIT samples.

Garment Package Test, In Attire Source chain, has so many labs & In-house capacity which are internationally nominated by Brands i.e. GAP, H&M, M&S which are made with original fabric and trims and are sent to the company’s in-house testing lab to check for quality and safety purposes. Unless a garment passes the GPT it cannot proceed with the bulk production. These all requirement Attire Supply Chain team already documented before starting the process.

Attire Supply Chain/ Management Responsibility:

All above process samples are made by Attire Sampling department. Attire Supply Management team always look into step by step like a Birdseye with proper documents. We never believe in verbal communication. Attire Supply chain deals in documents.

The buyer wants pre-production sample (PP sample) to be made in the actual production line so that operators know what they are going to make. This sample is made with buyer nominated fabric, nominated trims and made by actual production line tailors. PP sample must be approved by the buyer or buying house merchants (technical persons) prior to proceeding actual production.

Attire team has very good factories/Vendors/Technical Expert Supply Management team.