FDI foreign direct investment had profited Bangladesh so much by investing in Bangladesh as Bangladesh companies had less investment and high profit and there are so much profitable business ideas in Bangladesh. These are key points that how Bangladesh will be the next global sourcing hub for leather goods.


Prime minister of Bangladesh declaration that her legislature has an arrangement to set up two more calfskin mechanical homes – one each in Rajshahi and Chittagong- – mirrors the significance the administration joins to the improvement of the business. The arrangement is in fact huge in that the nation is looking at to procure $5.0 billion from the segment by 2021 when its aggregate fare target will be $60 billion. This implies one-twelfth of the outside trade may originate from the calfskin division at that point. As of now, the segment gains 1.54 for each penny of the aggregate remote trade acquiring with a normal yearly development of around 29.8 for every penny. In every way, the development is as of now praiseworthy yet it will go up numerous folds when two more calfskin modern domains will begin working. Indeed, even the solitary bequest at Savar is yet to go for its ideal creation limit. Signs, in this way, are evident that the nation, in the event that it can abuse its potential, will be a main player on the worldwide scene of footwear and other cowhide merchandise.


The presentation of current apparatus and innovation has surely improved the limit of generation and nature of items. Be that as it may, not all cowhide production lines have settled on the innovative change. The deferral in migration of calfskin industrial facilities from Dhaka’s Hazaribagh to Savar has not helped the reason. Indeed, even the Savar calfskin bequest still faces various issues, transfer of strong waste and the disappointment of the focal profound treatment plant to hurried to its potential being the key ones. The expectation that nature of the new area will facilitate the numerous fumble and issues confronting the assembly line labourers has not yet appeared. Moreover, various tannery units have purportedly begun dirtying the Dhaleswari River similarly they did the Buriganga before.


Unmistakably, there is a hole between the lips and the glass. Since the Leatherwoods and Footwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB) has turned into an individual from the Confederation of International Footwear Association (CIFA) and is special to have the 36th International Footwear Conference (IFC) 2017, the occasion will give the expected force to get its home request. The administration expectation is clear and with help from a portion of the mechanically driving individuals from the CIFA, Bangladesh leather treaters can step forward by the due date set for acquiring $5.0 billion from the segment. The topic of the meeting, ‘Think Ahead, Think Bangladesh’ is the correct approach for the reason.


Presently the best test will originate from the ecological concern. No modern advancement can be made at the cost of condition of this modest land. It must be economical advancement the distance. The Savar tannery bequest did not have a promising start. On the off chance that such slips by can’t be dealt with, outside venture, one of the key parts, and innovation exchange will be difficult to find. The zero-levy motivator as offered for remote financial specialists will be an allurement yet it must be supplemented by assist help of workplace.

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