Attire Source is purely into men’s/women’s category & trousers, blazer, suits, and jackets are what we have expertise. We are working with Middle -East & European. We are doing almost 3 Million pieces/year. Attire Source is growing around 25% yearly growth. When it comes to trends, smart fit apparels to be remembered Bangladesh. Attire Source is ready to deliver you the best quality.

We are also specializing in suits as a product hold great prospects. There is no doubt but it has a long way to go before it is called a matured and flourishing industry. As far as product creation is concerned made to measure has an edge over ready made and will remain so in India as body shape of people and sizes of readymade suits with international standards do not match often.

Jacket brands say the segment is growing at a fast pace and business is promising, and even though several top brands are entered. Indian brands should move to Bangladesh because they will get different -2 flavor of International market which is will enhance your product quality and economical in Bangladesh market.   

Lightweight jackets are in demanding because consumer needs transcended the basic essentials. If they need comfort they need a sense of style too. Bangladesh is very good in lightweight jacket manufacturer. Attire source has Bangladesh Garment Production partner which are working for the international market.

Bangladesh garment factory has dedicated product line and expertise over the Year in Jackets/Blazer.

There are lots of innovation are Bangladesh garment factory in terms of accessories like Zipper & buttons, new fabric from different -2 counties.

Jackets/Blazer reasons can be attributed to the growth of jackets segments. The first and foremost reasons jackets are catching buyer’s attention is a feeling of freshness and uniqueness. Secondly, they are available around the year in terms of light/Heavyweight.

Attire Source collection always sparking, keeping the new trends and requirement and requirement of the International market. We always update in Market.

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