A new avenue of opportunity for Bangladeshi leather and leather-based goods can open up in ecu markets as China is losing its marketplace percentage, said a pinnacle respectable of Messe Frankfurt, a mega trade honest establishing organisation based totally in Germany.


Michael Scherpe, president of Messe Frankfurt France, said Europe is a marketplace of tens of billions of euros and China is still considered one of the largest leather and leather-based items providers to the continent.


however China’s exports are lowering because of the rising wages and home demand inside the united states, he said.


“It creates true opportunities for factories in different international locations, consisting of Bangladesh, which might be able to manufacturing the equal products,” he informed a press conference at the Westin lodge in Dhaka the previous day.


Scherpe also shed light on the imminent honest in Paris this is completely centered on the leather-based sector. The 4-day exposition begins on September 17 this 12 months.



With the rising call for  Bangladeshi leather items, neighbourhood exporters participate in international-class exhibitions in Europe to showcase their merchandise.


some 21 Bangladeshi leather-based and shoes exporters can discover the eu markets by way of taking element inside the honest, Scherpe said.


in keeping with Scherpe, raw substances are a promising class and there is lots to do in Europe.


Asia is exporting handiest 3 percent of the uncooked substances wished through Europe, while a number of European international locations account for 33 percent.


Scherpe said the shortage of leather-based is affecting all ranges of the supply chain and pushing up the rate of leather. manufacturing charges also are rising, forcing European buyers to look for low-cost suppliers.


“If Bangladeshi groups attend global exchange shows they’ll gain from innovation, advertising, designs and fashion,” he said.


Omer Salahuddin, chief government officer of Messe Frankfurt Bangladesh, said eight to ten local leather-based and leather items exporters could take part within the display.

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