The systems reached consensus in this regard at some stage in a assembly with commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed in the capital today.


“administrative center protection has been advanced substantially in the country’s RMG sector as no twist of fate like Rana Plaza takes region in the course of the previous few years,” said Tofail Ahmed at the assembly.


The minister said the RMG sector is going for inexperienced constructing for garment factories. There are already sixty seven inexperienced buildings and there may be 280 greater homes for the factories, he delivered.


at some stage in the meeting, each the edges decided to constitute a Remediation Coordination cell with representatives from ILO, BGMEA, international manufacturers and trade unions to oversee place of job safety situation in RMG sector. A steering committee can be formed to run the cell.


Labour and employment minister will watch over the steering committee and the cell. The Alliance for Bangladesh worker protection is a consortium of North American manufacturers and buyers, and the Accord is a platform of European brands and customers. the 2 structures began working in Bangladesh after the Rana Plaza twist of fate.



Alliance officials said they may depart Bangladesh after the quit of the tenure on may 31, 2018. however the Accord officers said after the cease of the tenure they’ll stay right here for 6 more months as a transition period and in the course of those six months, it’s going to act as ‘Transition Alliance’.


during the meeting both aspects determined to study the development of the remediation of RMG factory buildings in January 2018. A 2d assessment could be made on might also 31, 2018.


manufacturing unit owners needed to invest money from Tk five crore to Tk 20 crore for remediation in their manufacturing facility buildings.


The labour and employment ministry may also monitor the activities of some labour organizations so that they can’t act towards the interest of the USA RMG area.


nation Minister for Labour and Employment Mujibul Haque, Bangladesh Garment manufacturers and Exporters affiliation (BGMEA) President Md Siddiqur Rahman, commerce Secretary Shubhashish Bose and representatives of Accord and Alliance attended the meeting.

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