Sourcing from Bangladesh: how to get it right



Bangladesh trades around US$28bn of articles of clothing every year (2016). While it is the second biggest piece of clothing exporter on the planet, it is far behind China (roughly US$180bn every year, 2016).


This is our manual for sourcing from Bangladesh. From our office in Dhaka, we are financing Bangladeshi supply chains for some purchasers – both fresh debuts and existing players. We are helping numerous purchasers to exploit generally low expenses and a decent consistence condition, yet additionally with the advantage of open record and conceded instalment terms.


This guide covers:


The inventory network exchange off


For what reason would it be advisable for you to source from Bangladesh?




Business culture


Pre-shipment fund – what happens?


Outside trade directions and why they matter to you


What would you be able to source from Bangladesh?


  1. The exchange off – it’s changed in Bangladesh


There can be an exchange off in supply chains between:


cost from one viewpoint, and


consistence, comfort and unwavering quality on the other.


A lower cost area regularly forfeits consistence, comfort and dependability to accomplish a value point that pulls in the universal purchaser.


There can be no free lunch.


Be that as it may, Bangladesh has enhanced its situation in these regards altogether lately and now offers convincing an incentive to global purchasers, particularly if consistence is imperative.


Bangladesh has the most directed ease article of clothing industry on the planet following huge speculation. In 2012, it is evaluated that there were in the vicinity of 4,000 and 6,000 processing plants working in Bangladesh. BGMEA presently gauges that this number has decreased to around 1,500 manufacturing plants the same number of low quality activities have fizzled reviews and/or can’t bear the cost of the cost of universal consistence. The lowest pay permitted by law enactment has now been executed and is being upheld – and numerous plants currently have specialist portrayal.


Obviously, the greater part of this has expanded unit costs. You can most likely discover bring down cost areas now (Ethopia, Uzbekistan are two frequently specified to us), however Bangladesh offers a decent bargain between a sensible cost and viable consistence.


Vital focuses:


Bangladesh has a managed article of clothing industry.


Bangladesh offers sensible costs is as yet an ease maker.


  1. For what reason would it be a good idea for you to source from Bangladesh?


Many retailers that we converse with view Bangladesh as a “future venture”. While the accessibility of sensible estimating makes Bangladesh appealing, numerous retailers are putting off the day when they need to go there. This is essentially a result of the across the board recognition that the nation is troublesome, quality is variable, due dates are frequently missed and work conditions are unsatisfactory. The exchange off said above isn’t felt to force.


In any case, actually superior to anything you may anticipate.


A portion of the best processing plants on the planet are presently in Bangladesh.


About all business is directed in Dhaka making it simple to oversee connections.


There is genuine esteem accessible, if you are prepared for the exertion included.


The scope of items accessible is expanding, benefiting from 30 long stretches of neighbourhood generation encounter and a gifted nearby work compel.


  1. What controls, and how are they policed?


As opposed to what you may think, conditions for line labourers in Bangladesh are some the best on the planet among real minimal effort sourcing areas. Regardless you must be watchful. Yet, it is simple currently to discover production lines that meet universal models in view of both global and local control.


There are two global gatherings who review, review and give an account of industrial facilities in Bangladesh: Accord (a US NGO financed by US retailers) and Alliance (a comparable European activity). There are a few neighbourhood bunches as


all things considered, including the BSCI (a legislature supported gathering).


There are no flawless manufacturing plants, albeit some are among the best on the planet. However, what is vital is that you can request the review reports and see rapidly what the issues might be. In addition, request and read the review report before you visit an industrial facility. This gives you a decent premise to talk about consistence issues with the manufacturing plant administration.


On the off chance that the plant does not have a review report, it doesn’t consequently imply that it is awful. In our neighbourhood office, we have procured people straightforwardly from article of clothing processing plants – so we feel comfortable around the issues, the measures and a significant number of the inquiries that ought to be replied.


In Bangladesh, you can for the most part discover considerably more about your store network than in other minimal effort areas.


Critical focuses:


Discuss consistence forthright, Bangladesh is utilized to this.


Request review reports.


Try not to expect it’s awful if the review report isn’t accessible – yet request neighbourhood guidance.


  1. Bangladesh business culture


Bangladesh is a mainstream Muslim nation, and Islam is embraced by the state as the national religion. Society is by and large tolerant and different religions (and even their religious occasions) are regularly set apart in the logbook.




Bangladesh is swarmed. Dhaka is swarmed. Fortunately, not at all like different nations, you can (comprehensively) direct the entirety of your Bangladeshi business just in Dhaka. Individuals will come to you. Dissimilar to different nations where there are various business focuses, Bangladesh is Dhaka-driven, and this makes it a sensibly proficient place to visit.


Dhaka is additionally sensibly safe gave you take after neighbourhood guidance about where to go, and how to movement. An auto and a driver are basic. In our office, we have four autos and drivers supporting our nearby group, and we do routinely enable outside purchasers to discover their feet with our assets. Global inns are great yet costly – and there are great options that we can likewise prescribe. Give careful consideration to where you remain in Dhaka. Uttara and the airplane terminal zone, Banani or Gulshan are areas to pick. Try not to be driven about what you can accomplish in the days when you are around the local area (movement is terrible) – a solitary processing plant visit in multi day can be the point of confinement. Once more, local people can exhort.


Despite the fact that you should check before movement, Dhaka is for the most part thought to be jungle fever free yet you do require your shots to be up and coming for hepatitis, typhus and lockjaw in any event.


  1. Working together


As a British organization working in Bangladesh, we are exceptionally cognizant that things are extraordinary. The working week is Sunday to Thursday.


Eateries are by and large “dry”, however the nourishment can be fantastic. You will locate that most workplaces will have time outs for petitions, and you will become acclimated to the mu’adhin calling for supplication routinely amid the day (and in the night if your lodging room faces the mosque).


In any case, a common society is a decent place for business. While you may feel that South Asia can be a troublesome place, we have discovered numerous dependable and legit manufacturing plant proprietors and purchasing houses. It doesn’t imply that you can unwind. In any case, the traps and practices we see in supply chains are not any more common and the same to those we see in different areas. You do need aptitude in article of clothing sourcing to get great outcomes. You ought to guarantee that you have somebody to deal with the subtle elements on the ground, and a pre-shipment review of the merchandise by somebody you trust is fundamental – yet that is the same the world over.


A few speculations (and there are a great deal of special cases), yet you will find that:


There is an awesome eagerness to state yes and to be useful. Bangladeshis are hopeful. However, there is regularly an absence of arranging in execution which implies that due dates are not entirely obvious. Take into account this.


Be tolerant on the planning of gatherings. Movement conditions, among different reasons, imply that individuals are frequently late.


Little endowments are frequently given and got. It is a liberal culture, and individuals are warm and inviting.


Prim Dollar is a fund business – so we don’t give investigation administrations or quality checks. However, we can give you exhortation on the most proficient method to set up your sourcing, coordinating the key strides in your procedure with the monetary help that the processing plant should meet your prerequisites. We can likewise assist you with understanding what is happening if there are delays emerging.


Essential focuses:


There are no easy routes, and Bangladesh is the same to anyplace else.


Focus on the points of interest, guarantee that you have the balanced governance in the process so the outcome is the thing that you anticipate.


Consider timing and due dates.


You can complete things by simply going by Dhaka. Individuals will for the most part come to you.


Find confided in neighbourhood bolster, as this can manage the observing of production lines outside Dhaka which can be difficult to reach.