World has a united for Jeans products starting from fiber to marketing. Jeans is primarily produced in china expected to overcome by Bangladesh as the sole main manufacturer of Jeans the world in 2020.

The country is the subsequent largest producer of Denim Jeans/Jackets/Shirts. The Jeans production capacity of Bangladesh is more than 5000 million meters per year, and Bangladesh is also still observing entering of more Jeans fabric manufacturers in the industry.

Jeans entire production in Bangladesh remains a split industry where only 50-60 percent of Jeans apparel is manufactured in the organized units. The Jeans apparel production activities are concentrated in Dhaka, Chitgaon and surrounding area.


The Jeans market in Bangladesh has been evolving fast with introduction of more styles, colours

and some distinct trends in the product offering to world.

Some of the key trends in Jeans market in world are:

In Bangladesh most of the Jeans manufacturers focus on the export bazaars as the value

Compensation remains higher in export market than in domestic markets

In the recent times the industry has witnessed entrance of new denim fabric manufacturers in

which is expected to make the market for Jeans fabric more price competitive in the coming years.Cotton remains the fiber of choice in Jeans apparel. In blended Jeans fabrics polyester is being used as weft threads from china/India

The demand for stretch Jeans is growing at a faster rate in world market due to its

comfort and fit characteristics.

The colour of Jeans jeans is no longer limited to traditional blue colours. world youth

has started accepting Jeans in different colours including green, red, yellow etc.


However, the Jeans category is among the most promising categories in apparel market for Bangladesh, they are faces its own set of problem and tasks. The carefulness in which various

     investors of Jeans eco-system classify and talk the issues and encounters associated with the value chain will regulate the growth of Jeans apparel market in the country.

Bangladesh at present lacks behind in its ability of the Jeans product development and innovation. There is a need to develop a larger portfolio of Jeans garments and accessories, including shorts, shirts, bags, dresses, accessories among others.

At present the market is skewed towards Jeans China has developed a larger portfolio of Jeans production with innovation.