Garment and Apparel Manufacturers Bangladesh

Attire Source is a company which is Strategic Sourcing Bangladesh and believes in ethical as well as provides a detailed Quality Inspection Services for its clients. Attire Source always takes responsibility our garments Manufacturer Bangladesh, An Inspection at various stages of production and shipment is of utmost importance for ensuring the client stipulated quality standards are followed garment manufacturing Bangladesh. We follow strict AQL levels at all stages of Order processing for our INDIA/EUROPE/USA Clients.

We believe attached (Trims) to a garment except the main fabric are equally important for any market to establish a brand. Attire Strategic Sourcing Team is so vided network i.e. our Team can arrange best sources in Bangladesh/Taiwan/ Indonesia/Japan/China for all kind of trims..

Attire Source always works with Nominated supplier & we believe to provide value for money products to our Clients by doing Strategic Sourcing from different sources with our expertise in Team. Our Team believes and find out new methods by doing sourcing/Hard/Smart working and developing new garment manufacturing Bangladesh which followed our policy and provides best services to our Buyer’s which must be smooth & quality oriented.

Fabric & Trims are the important part of garments. Today competitive world every buyer is generating value addition in these two main items where he differentiates his brand from other competitor’s

We always believe in ethical terms and condition and try to write on documents for all details which is agreed between two parties for example Trims are valuable in an apparel or any other any product is incomplete as far as it is not finished with trims, closures, and accessories. A clothing, a leather bag, Jeans or any such product has to be fitted with closures like, Zipper, clips, elastic fasteners, grommets, hook and eye, buckles, buttons hook and loop, metal fasteners, plastic fasteners, rivets, snaps, Velcro, etc.. so that it doesn’t lose its functionality. Other support accessories are also required sometimes for ease or extra functionality of the product.

We always take the approval from Buyer’s/client’s before changing/using anything which diverted from starting decision point’s. In case anything better, we can opt so that product value for money increased in the market, we always provide the strategic Sourcing Bangladesh value for money product to our Customer in stipulated time.

Subsequently, the branding for each private label is different there are various trims different types of accessories used in these brands so as to differentiate the brands from other. There are a few trims which are quite costly and only used in few styles to give a better appealing feel and it develops very significantly to version for those trims too during the costing. We have experience of 20+ in Team. Sometime trims on garments enhance the fabric style.

Our Team Strategic Sourcing: –

To develop a price starter Fabric/ trims to understand the costings of the existing core lines and find ways to reduce them by Strategic Sourcing different -2 trims Supplier in stipulated time. Here the vendor was asked to develop styles in the given cost bracket and give us option for the different -2 options so that our client gets the best quality from Attire Source.